Founded in 2013, LB Jewellers, based in london Moorgate, has consistently held the title of ‘number one jewellers’ for exclusive watches and custom diamond jewellery. 
Inspired by the sale of his first watch at the age of 19, Lamar Berko committed to perfecting his craft and eventually this led to a high standard of quality providing a tailored to client concierge service. 

LB Jewellers challenged the norms; bringing new life into an old industry by adapting to the rise of social media and offering an around the clock, on demand service. Using a number of platforms,  Lamar would accumulate his following by appealing to the masses with a custom service which had not previously been available. 

This has included, but not limited to; deliveries; including internationally, end to end unparalleled customer satisfaction, meticulous attention to detail and an all around customer experience driven first class team. Lamar’s ethos is simple; ‘You can’t win todays game off yesterdays points’. 

Anyone can sell jewellery but not everyone can be a jeweller is also the belief and driving force behind LB jewellers success. LB’s bespoke pieces, provide a peek into the mind of an aesthete who thrives on designing pieces which mean as much to the client as they do himself and the quality is never short of sheer excellence.